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Blaser Barrel Screw Comes Loose

Blaser R8 Barrel Mounting Scew Comes Loose
Blaser R8 Receiver block with stuck barrel leg.

Quick workbench update. We had a Blaser R8 barrel mounting screw come lose in the block. I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. And I had tightened it quite a bit. 

How to get it out? Turns out, I did not have the tools or thread sizes necessary to accomplish the task. Well…to accomplish the task without destroying the threads on the leg. 

So…my solution? Take a Dremel and cut a flat head slot in the head. Which gave me purchase / leverage to back it out. 

Ultimately I have decided to trash the leg, and the maker is sending me a new one. And I will make sure to slather it with Red Loctite. 






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