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American Made RPG: The PSRL-1

US Made RPG-7 / PSRL-1

Texas based AirTronicUSA is now making a RPG-7 variant called the PSRL1. PSRL stands for Precision-Shoulder Fired-Rocket-Launcher. In appropriation slang, it is called the RPG-7USA. 

Currently we supply these weapons to the Government of Ukraine for use against the, “Little Green Men” in the east. I also suspect we supply these to other allied governments that use “non-standard” weapons. Non-standard meaning COMBLOC/Warsaw Pact equipment. 

Ukrainan Forces training with PSRL1

In my opinion, this weapon exists since the US Government is somewhat limited in it’s ability to purchase RPG’s on the international market. We currently are not doing much business with Russia. And the other biggest player in the game, China, is barred from doing military-to-military business with the US ever since the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. 

Which is why we generally can’t get Chinese copies of weapons in the US, but they are readily available in Canada. But I digress.

AirTronicUSA states their RPG tubes are machine cut, warrantied for 1000 rounds, and have an effective range of over 900 meters. If those numbers turn out to be valid, that is a significant increase over the commonly accepted COMBLOC RPG specs. Additionally, the PSRL-1 is fully ambidextrous. 

All the pic rail makes an ambi-configurable tube easy.

It is my hope to contract with AirTronic for a BATFE spec, de-milled example to add to our reference collection. If you know a point of contact at AirTronic, please reach out to me. 

In closing, I like seeing stuff like this. The US Government spends quite a bit of money on foreign weapons sales. By making the RPG’s here, we can control the quality. Do business with reputable manufacturers. And better track and manage leakage by nefarious actors. And best of all…keep the money at home. 

Made in the USA, Baby! 





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