John1911 Podcast

EP94 – The Balled of Pete Rose, NYPD Gun Scam, Yeti and Waffle House

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast.


  • Pete Rose: creeping corruption and sliding standards.
  • Second Hand Showcase is costing me a fortune!
  • Crazy on the street: Fire Breathing doo-doo bird.
  • It seems the Hudson H9 is having significant issues.
  • NYPD busted for kick-backs on gun licenses.
  • Yeti and the NRA square off.
  • I had no idea Waffle House was posted no CCW!
  • Glen St. Mary, FL: 7 dopers vs 1 AR-15.
  • Attention security guards: flashing guns doesn’t work.
  • Google tracking my Dunkin Doughnuts habit.
  • The NRA breaks 15 year fund raising record.
  • What is INCEL and why are they killing people?




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