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American Mag Release on PTR Rifle Sucks

American Mag Release on PTR Rifle Sucks

This has been coming for awhile but I have finally reached a turning point on the subject: The push-button mag release on the PTR-91 rifle sucks rocks.

Like many American shooters it is easy to default to a mag-button setup since that is the current industry standard. But the design of the HK91 / G3 style mag well in conjunction with the thin walled magazines, leaves a lot to be desired.

In short, for many shooters to hit the button they need to break their master grip. And the body fits so tight, the support hand still has to come up and rip the mag out anyway. And in that added motion, your support hand ends up right where a paddle would be located anyway.

So..the push button ends up adding a step regardless.

This implementation probably looked good on paper, but in final execution, it figuratively sucks rocks. Bad. If you are even somewhat serious about running this type of rifle, I’d bet the paddle would cut a full second off the reload sequence.


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