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Replacing The Keeper Foam Wedge

The Keeper AIWB for HK VP9

Well it’s that time again. The need to replace the foam wedge on my Keeper AIWB holster. For those who don’t understand the mechanics of the wedge, it works as a lever to push the butt of your pistol inboard towards your body.

New wedge in place.

However, that foam wedge is soft and pliable. So over time, it degrades and looses it’s shape. Luckily Spencer Keeper provides a few when you buy a holster and keeps extras on hand to purchase.

Now for the $64,000 question. “Why not just forego the wedge?” You see, the wedge plays a critical part in not only fixing the holster in a desired position, but making the holster comfortable when pressed up against the body.

Yes, really! If you have ever worn a cheap IWB holster and developed hot spots over time, this solves that. Cold.



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