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An Ode to Power: The Caterpillar D8 is Leaving Us.

Caterpillar D8 Dozer is done.

All major dirt work is completed on the rifle range. And with that, the D8 must move on. She is needed elsewhere.

My admiration and respect for the, “Great 8” has grown exponentially Day after day. Pushing through Hill and dale was quite stressful. Even more so when you figure out the USGS survey had significant errors in it. 

But as we pushed deeper and deeper towards the abyss, it became increasingly clear the operator’s mantra was a source of comfort and even pride, “Have no fear. The Great 8 is here!”

Extra hills not on the survey? 

No problem! 

Undiscovered natural spring?

Never stuck once!

Boulders the size of houses?

Rock ripper on rear! 

Thousands of yards of trees?

Child’s play!

Auger into a nest of raging brontosaurus?

The Caterpillar D8 turns them into grease spots! 

I’ve had a love hate relationship with the D8 over these past few months. On one hand, it’s $200 an hour. Which adds up fast when you think about how many hours are in a day. 

But on the other hand, it’s so effective and unstoppable, it moves across the land like a finger in a child’s sandbox. 50 tons will do that it seems. 

So long Caterpillar D8. You were worth every cent. I hope we meet again. The small dozers left behind have big shoes to fill, indeed.







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