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Gravel for Pistol – Tac Rifle Pit

Upclose of one truck's worth.

So…here is what 6 dump trucks of gravel looks like before being pushed down with the small dozer. Right now, the question is, “Will 6 trucks be enough?”. Frankly, we just don’t know. It might. Or it might require a 7th. We’ve bought so much gravel, we are getting a break on the price. 

6 dump truck piles.

Also…consider this: dump trucks hauling gravel need the ground to be dry for delivery. Unless I want 3 foot ruts all the way to the pit? So…I have developed a small prayer that has carried me through the wettest summer this area has seen in at least 10 years, 

“Rain, Rain. 

Go Away.

I Have A Rifle Range,

To Build Today”. 

Take THAT Indian Rain-Dance, Medicine-Man that I am sure is out there chanting against me. 

OH! A fun fact of the pit. And this is deliberate. From corner to inside corner, is a 50 yard shot. Why is that important you ask? It’s intentional and very specific. For Tac Rifles, we can perform quick and hasty zeros at 25 yards. And for handguns, we can screw down a Ransom Rest and do the official 50 yard targets that all true handgun-match ammo is judged by. 

And yes, we have a Ransom Rest. Actually, we have two in The Armory. One is standard factory. The second has custom brass fixtures machined for adjustment. 






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