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POTD — Beretta 92D Police Trade-In 

Police Trade-in Beretta 92D DAO 9mm Pistol

Take delivery of a Beretta 92D. The DAO version of the venerable M9 pistol. And the question is asked, “Are we sure it’s a police trade-in?”

As I open the box and look inside the flap, it becomes painfully clear the answer is yes. Do you see the Police Evidence Markings inside the box? That is what law enforcement calls a, “clue”. 

So…what’s the next step when dealing with stuff that just may have come out of the LEO property room? And I am not kidding…check the box for dope! Yes, really! Once we took in a pistol from a major west coast PD and the package REEKED of marijuana. I mean it stunk up the whole room! 

The scent was so strong, we were forced to tear down the entire box just to make 100% certain it didn’t contain contraband. In the end, nothing was found. And we figured the gun must have spent a significant amount of it’s property room life next to bales of weed. 





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