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Dead Foot Arms showed a Modified Cycle System retro fit kit that allows a standard AR-15 platform to transform into a folding stock rifle that allows firing with the stock folded. The system uses proprietary dual spring technology that eliminates bolt bounce and reduces the overall length of a rifle with a 16-inch barrel to 26.5 inches when the stock is folded. The built in folding stock adapter provides positive retention when the stock is folded, and ensures a rock-solid lock up in the deployed position. The system includes: a modified bolt carrier group, recoil springs and folding stock adaptor kit. The end user can use their current butt stock or any butt stock that attaches to a standard AR-15. The Modified Cycle System attaches only to the lower receiver, allowing the use of any upper receiver of any caliber and any barrel length combination and allows the end user to maintain their current zero and sight picture, and supports semi-automatic fire while folded.


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