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Armory Chat 28: Viewer Q&A

Armory Chat EP28 Q&A

Episode 28 of the Armory Chat.

Some of the viewer questions with some extra FB live questions tossed in at the end.


What do I think will happen with the M4 and 5.56? Will a new caliber be adopted?

I know you prefer Blaser actions. But what do you think is better? Remington 700 or Winchester model 70?

The New Folding XAR-15. AR. Good or bad?

Why is the Ariana Grande concert killing getting more coverage than the Coptic Killings in Egypt?

Is Uber a Ponzi Scheme?

Hey I was wondering if you could maybe do a video or podcast on carrying in a vehicle. Vehicle mount holsters draw backs advantages that kind of thing.

Did Donald Trump yell at Palestine authority leader Abbas???

Will the US Navy shoot down a DPRK missile fired at the US?
What do you think of ported handguns? Thinking about getting a 17C. Is that good or bad?

Why don’t 3″ 1911’s work? I recall you guys saying negative things about the officer 1911’s? Why?

What do I think of the ClipDraw?

When will we start selling t-shirts again.

Galil ACE? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

I have a Keymod fore end. Should I change to MLOK or leave it?

Why don’t you like 300blk?
(Mention B&T suppressed bolt gun I like)

What do you think of the HMG Sturmgeweher?

What do you think of the Hudson H9

What do you think of the NFA legal shorty shotguns? MOSSBERG, rem?

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