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Broom-Handle Mauser: 30 Mauser or 9mm Luger?

The markings are solid even though it's been refinished.

One of my regular FFL stores popped up with a Broom-handle Mauser also known as the C96. I have been casually paying attention to them for a while, so when this showed up at the shop, it caught my eye.

C96 Mauser for sale.

Off the top of my head, it’s in 30 Mauser. Is refinished. And the stock / holster kit with it is a reproduction. All of which is actually perfect in my book, since we would be shooting it. But here’s my dilemma:

C96 Mauser. Is that a good price? Probably ok. Likely not a bargain.

If given the option, I try to keep the calibers we support in the armory as simple as possible. It’s basic logistics and cost. A common or standard caliber weapon is easier to feed. Which means it gets more chances to be shot. This is especially true if the weapon is checked out last minute with other weapons of the same caliber.

It also needs to be mentioned we have a German Luger. A P08 German Luger. In layman’s terms that means it’s a 9mm Luger, Luger. Sounds funny, but true. Also, we have a Steyr Hahn. That is also a German P08 conversion. So no, it’s not in 9mm Steyr. It’s in regular ole 9mm Luger just like your Glock. See what’s going on here? Given the choice between two calibers, I tend to always choose the common caliber.

Even though the C96 has a reproduction stock, it is my understanding attaching is exempt from the NFA regulations. At least I think, I think that!

What’s the problem you ask? Well…The Germans being German did it to me again! The Broom-handle Mauser comes in two caliber choices. The 30 Mauser we are discussing here. Or the more rare and expensive, 9mm Luger version known as the, “Red 9”. Thus denoted by the big 9 on the grip. Seen Here:

Example of a RED 9 C96 Mauser Pistol.

So…do I buy a shooter grade C96 in 30 Mauser and treat it like a boutique caliber bolt gun? I mean, seriously. How many rounds will the C96 actually get fired through it? Semi-auto or not? Or do I stick with the logistics precedent and treat it like a “standard caliber” semi-auto?

And before you answer. If I deviate? Why did I work so hard for the P08 versions of the Luger and Steyr-Hahn pistols to begin with?!? CLICK HERE to see a pic of the Luger. CLICK HERE to see a pic of the Steyr-Hahn.

Your feedback is appreciated.


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