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POTD: Steyr-Hahn P08 Pistol, KA-BAR, Surefire

Steyr-Hahn, Surefire Flashlight, KA-Bar LE Knife

I was out test firing a Steyr-Hahn pistol and found it to be a blast. Obviously compared to modern handgun technology, there are issues. But on balance, this old Austro-Hungarian Empire firearm can get the job done. Even today.

And for those wondering where you get 9mm Steyr ammunition from, the P08 denotes that it was converted by the Nazi’s into 9mm Luger. For the record, it runs 124g Privi just fine!

When I arrived back at the armory, I was struck by the juxtaposition of technology: A modern KA-BAR LE Knife, a Surefire pocket light, and a 9mm Steyr-Hahn that is 100 years old.

Wonders never cease.


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