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Armory Chat 38: Howa 1500 Kryptek Edition

Armory Chat 38: Howa 1500 Kryptek Edition

Here’s the problem. Freeze doesn’t really have a modern, center fire rifle that he can knock around the range with. At least one that isn’t a MILSURP collectible.

So while traveling, I ran across this used Howa 1500 rifle in 308. Cash out the door cost? $317.

It comes with everything shown and is a solid platform for Freeze to make into a long range shooter or project gun.

The lesson: keep an eye out on the used rifle rack. If you keep an open mind, you could find a sleeper on the cheap. For those interested, here are the specs on this rifle:

  • Howa 1500
  • 308
  • Cock on open action.
  • 3.5-10×44 Nikko-Stirling with rings.
  • 1/4 MOA Adjustments.
  • Illuminated Christmas Tree Reticle (Green & Red)
  • 1913 Scope Base.
  • 3 Position Safety.
  • H.A.C.T. Trigger pulls at 2.13lbs.
  • Hogue Recoil Pad.
  • Hogue synthetic stock Krytpek Finish.
  • Semi-weight 1:10 #2 contour barrel. 22”
  • Metal trigger guard and floor plate.
  • Serrated trigger.
  • 2 Sling Points.
  • Blued receiver and barrel.
  • Traditional barrel crown.
  • 5+1 mag. capacity.


Again…that’s A LOT of rifle for $317. Also in full disclosure: at the time I am writing this description, this rifle is shooting well under 1 MOA. Long term testing will be required to determine if this rifle holds true generally.

But it’s looking good so far.



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