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Thinking About a S&W Model 10

S&W Model 10 collage.

I have a theory. I can’t prove my theory. But I have it just the same. My theory is firing a double action revolver improves a shooters ability to control a single action pistol. So the flood of S&W Model 10’s that have hit the market pique my interest.

S&W Model 10 right side.

Now between you and me, I can’t ID one K-frame from another. All I notice is barrel length. So with that being said, I took some pics of this Model 10 that was in my local used gun case. The price seemed much higher than the Model 10’s being blown out by the discount retailers. Yes, I am intentionally not disclosing the asking price.

S&W Model 10-5 Marking

S&W Model 10-5’s? Are they valuable as a model? Or is it condition of this particular example that drove an asking price into insanity? Because unless this revolver belonged to Elliot Ness while running down whiskey gangs in, “Chicago-Bang-Bang”; somebody has lost their freaking mind.

S&W Left Side.


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