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Movie Prop Guns display Cody Firearms Museum

When I saw the placard at the Cody Firearms Museum, I thought I would see a bunch of guns from such movies as, “Die Hard”, “Escape from New York” and “Kelly’s Hero’s”. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Just a rubber MP5. Nothing famous.

Turns out they were just some generic, dead rubber, examples of modern automatics. Really no different than the common, “Blue Gun” we see used in training world wide. But back in the day, I can see how something like this could have been uncommon and collectable.

Beretta 92 Movie Prop / Dummy gun. Even an experienced shooter would have a hard time delinating real from fake on the street.

But it gets me thinking. What is the current market for display guns, movie props, and DEWATs? Are they popular? Maybe in places that severely restrict firearms ownership?

Here you can read the placard about the MP5

As for what’s in The Armory? A couple of training pistols. A 8mm blank firing pistol. And a de-milled BREN gun that we will try to bring back to life.



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