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3-Position Safety Explained

3-Position Safety as explained on a Howa rifle

Someone asked and that made me realize I can’t take it for granted everyone knows what I am talking about.

To my mind, a 3-position safety is something associated with the original Mauser Rifles as a, “flag safety”. In order to clear optics, the modern Winchester Model 70 took the 3 position safety and made it function on the horizontal. But still located on the bolt body.

The Winchester Model 70 3-position safety is the gold standard by which all modern rifles are judged.

In this iteration of the Howa, they have installed the safety in the action. But designed it to function as a 3 position safety. These are facts.

Now for my opinion. I believe that any serious bolt action rifle that doesn’t at least lock the action closed, when on safe, is dumber than a hammered rock.

I don’t care how “tactical” the rifle looks or what legendary military guy uses it. I don’t care about NSN numbers or unit’s TOE. Any rifle that can easily fall open or unlock when walking in the 21st century is lunacy.

It’s the first thing I check for on bolt guns. And It’s a pass / fail score.



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