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Armory Chat EP05 – Having Guns In Your Hotel

Armory Chat EP 05 Guns in your hotel room video

Armory Chat video. Episode 05. Driving back into town and decided to take a minute and film this from the truck. The bottom line concerning having firearms in your room or on your person during a hotel stay: Nobody wants to see your dick.

Here is a screen grab of the text that was sent to me regarding this issue. Do you see the problem here? We can get wrapped around the axel all be want about what should be. But if YOU aren’t planning on dying on that hill, perhaps treating your guns like your junk would keep you from getting booted?

Now before the turd-suckers start rolling in trying to get this all twisted, I support open carry. For one very good and simple reason. If you don’t, any form of brandishing or flashing, intentionally or otherwise, will result in you getting arrested and charged. Not just kicked out of a hotel room. This is NOT a open carry debate. Even the original poster of this story says so.

The proof is in the result. The protagonist in this story was kicked out of his hotel because of his gun. And…the hotel did not make him walk through a magnetometer or go through a pat-down to enter his room. So we’re not looking at a non-permissible environment. So what gives?

The subject of the story put his weapon, needlessly, under the nose of hotel staff. Think of it like being in the military before Obama changed the policy on serving as a openly gay service member. Unless you do something to make it so blatant  a hotel simply can’t ignore it, they really don’t want any part of your dick…er…your gun.

You can either take my advice and, “carry on”. Or you can keep doing it the hard way and sleep in the parking lot with the hookers and the junkies.


Armory Chat Ep 05 Having Guns In Your Hotel room
Armory Chat Ep 05 Having Guns In Your Hotel room






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