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This puppy was so excited. Notice his eyes.

So our regulars know that I went on my very first “bird hunt” this past dove season. I shot a lot. And missed even more (How is that even possible?). It was a good time. But I have neglected to share with you the actual highlight of the trip. For me anyway.

People had Bird-Dogs!

Having never actually seen this kind of thing before, I have to admit it was cooler than traditional media ever let on. First of all, ole Marky doesn’t have to go traipsing into the tall grass and woods more than a few times to realize, “Hey. This dog thing might have some merit to it!”.

So imagine my inner, 8 year old self just bursting with excitement when the guy next to us asks, “I’m trying to train my dog. Can he retrieve your birds?”

Freeze giving me the subtle nod of approval I replied, “Sure thing! Go for it!”.

Confession time: Never before in my life have I, or anyone I have ever known, worked with a animal as a team. Partners. Compadres. These dogs loved it. And my 8 year old self loved it too. It left an indelible impression on me.

I need a dog.


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