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Writer at Co-Host of the John1911 Podcast. Freeze is our resident All-American hunter, shooter, gunsmith and military surplus collector. When he is not processing his own game or running the smoker, he focuses on Com-Bloc weapons and Black Powder Shooting.

A.W. Spies .36 Caliber Percussion Pistol.

A.W. Spies Pistol
A.W. Spies was a retailer from 1820 thru 1851. His name appears on firearms, swords, and even buttons.  This .36 caliber single shot pistol carries...

The Remington Rider Revolver

Remington Rider Revolver
Full name: The Remington-Rider New Model Double Action Belt Pistol. Remington made this pistol between 1863 and 1873. In that 10 year run 3000 to...

Firing the 1891 Rolling Block Pistol

Firing 1891 Rolling Block Pistol
It’s unusual to be able to actually shoot some antique firearms, but being that this is a rolling block pistol in 22 RF; and...

Remington Rolling Block Pistol.

Remington Rolling Block Pistol
This is a Model 1891 Target Pistol. Although they were made in several calibers, these particular examples are chambered in .22 RF. It has...

Remington Smoot New Model Revolver

Remington Smoot. Remington New Model 1, 2, 3, 4.
The Remington Smoot New Model line started in 1875 with the model 1 and finally ended in 1888 with the model 4. The model 1...

More Remingtons

More Remington Guns
The estate I have been working with is sending over more guns to look at. Just a preview.    Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

AR-47 Build Pictures

AR-47 Build Pics
Some have asked to see static photos of Freeze’s AR-47 Deer-Buster gun. —Editor.   

Not A Cool-Guy Bipod

Not a cool-guy bipod.
Marky spends stupid money on Bipods. And as most of our regular readers know, I am a cheap bastard. For my uses, the cheap...

Remington Iroquois revolver

Thumb - Remington Iroquois Revolver
The Remington Iroquois revolver is the smallest in the Remington line. It's a little 7 shot 22 rimfire, and was introduced to compete with...

Deer Gun Ready

AR-15 Deer Hunting. 7.62x39.
AR-15 build. Chambered in 7.62x39. Distance 200 yards. 2020 Deer Season gun is ready.     Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Remington New Police

Remington New Police
Remington New Police revolver in .36 caliber percussion and 38 caliber short; rimfire factory conversions. There have been approximately 25,000 of these made and to...

Uncommon Remington Derringers

Uncommon Remington Derringers
This video features a few not so common derringers that Remington Arms produced in the mid to late 1800’s.  Some may be familiar with these...

Remington M-95 & Saw Handled Derringers

Remington M-95 & Saw Handle Derringers
The Remington 2 Shot derringer commonly known as the M-95 Derringer was originally called the Remington -Elliot Derringer. It was made between 1866 and...

Schmeisser Mag

Schmeisser 60rd Magazine
A while back I saw an article on a 60 round mag for the AR that was not the typical snail drum BS. I...

Derringers Are Coming

Derringers Estate Sale
Estate: “Hey, can you evaluate a couple derringers for us?” Freeze: “Sure. Send them over. How many you got?” Estate texts image of guns in question. Freeze:...