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Banning Machine Guns Was a Mistake

NJ Congressman. And later Ambassador Will J. Huges. Yes, THAT Hughes.
NJ Congressman. And later Ambassador Will J. Huges. Yes, THAT Hughes.

Many of our US based readers know that Suppressors / Silencers are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934. For those who don’t know, for all intents and purposes, the US Government treats suppressors the same way they treat fully automatic machine guns. 

But what most don’t know is we can’t even import suppressors into the US for commercial consumption. Sure…importers and dealers can get “post 1986 LE samples”. But the only groups who can possess such items are…well…dealers and…wait for it…government agencies. 

Why do I care? Simple. 

Blaser, GMBH in Germany has come up with a really, really sweet integrated suppressor idea for their hunting rifles. And US hunters can’t get them. Super frustrating. 

Will this change? No. Should it change? Yes. Can me writing about this make a difference? Doubtful. 

But hear me out. What I am about to say is not something that I even advocate. But I have continually been amazed that the US gun community / NRA never even grumbles about the possibilities of making a deal. A grand bargain perhaps? 

Would it or could it backfire? Maybe. But nobody on our side ever negotiates to get any gun rights back. 

NJ Congressman. And later Ambassador Will J. Huges. Yes, THAT Hughes.
NJ Congressman. And later Ambassador William J. Huges. Yes, THAT Hughes.

In the early 1980’s, Ronald Reagan was shot with a 22 caliber pistol. In 1986 the compromise, reasonable gun control law was the Hughes Amendment that closed the NFA and banned new machine guns from being added. “Banning” machine guns was seen as an easy compromise by the Fudd’s at the NRA. And what did that get us?

The Left invented a new category of firearm out of whole cloth: The Assault Weapons Ban. Looking back across history it is now obvious that banning machine guns was a mistake. Simply because “something” will always be the “top tier” item to illicit hate. And will be the subject of the next “common sense gun legislation”. 

National Firearms Act 1934
National Firearms Act 1934. “Common Sense” gun control was done almost 100 years ago! And the gun grabbing has never stopped.

Doubt me? Look at what has happened to 50 BMG. It’s regularly attacked and regulated by leftists since there isn’t a 51 BMG. And why isn’t there a 51 BMG? Namely today…anything centerfire  bigger than 50 falls under the NFA as something akin to a howitzer. 

Once 50 is gone? You think 416 is safe? After that 375? After that? 300 PRC maybe? Your deer rifles could very easily one day be regulated as something called a “sniper rifle”. If you doubt me, please recall: “Cop Killers Bullets”, “Saturday Night Specials”, “Assault Weapons”, “High Capacity Magazines”, “Ghost Guns”, “The Gun Show Loophole”, etc. 

50 BMG ban
Read the text. How many deer or varmint hunting rounds easily defeat body armor? I’d say most. What keeps them from being banned next?

I guess my over arching point is the Left is much more creative and persistent when it comes to pecking away at gun rights; than we are at defending them. I never hear even the slightest discussion on my side of what our actual wants are. For example:

  1. The 86 Hughes Amendment repealed to open the NFA.
  2. Lifting the 89 import bans. 
  3. Repealing 922R.
  4. Allowing the importation of live barrels in parts kits. 
  5. Getting suppressors off the NFA. 
  6. Importing suppressors. 
  7. Lift the ban of imports from China and Russia. 
  8. National CCW reciprocity. 
  9. Ammo import bans. 
  10. Allowing open-bolt semi-autos as non-NFA items. 
  11. Repealing the SBR / SBS regulations. 
  12. Drop “sporting purposes” as a gun status.
  13. Modernizing 1968 GCA regs to better handle internet sales. 
  14. Redefine / update what is a machine gun. 
  15. Offer another machine gun amnesty. 
  16. Repealing the NFA entirely. 
  17. Make a Class III collector FFL license.

I could go on and on because I am sure there are things I have missed or simply don’t know. But even doing two or three of these 17 items would be the biggest rollback of gun laws in this country’s history. 

But no. Even the “Art of The Deal” guy in the White House didn’t offer any compromise or deal over stupid bump stocks. Such as, “We’ll regulate bump stocks, but you open the NFA”.

All I know is this: The Left starts with banning everything and something reasonable is less. 

And I am NOT advocating what I am about to type. It’s merely a thought exercise using the same tactics to prove a point:

“You want to have full background checks on all weapons effectively making a national registry? OK..then everything is legal. And I mean everything. No more NFA. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Anybody who passes a background check can buy whatever they want”. 

Trump Bump Stock Ban
Bump stocks: The argument the NRA should have made to Trump was laws can’t stop technology. Let’s quit pretending 3D printers, Bump Stocks, and crazy binary triggers can’t get around the law. So…instead, in the interest of public safety, let’s just REOPEN the NFA and get all these fake machine-guns on paper? The Left can’t actually argue against it. And the Pro-gun guys would have been happy as clams. But…nobody in the NRA even considered this deal as possible. That’s OUR fault. Trump doesn’t know squat about guns. Somebody has to educate him. That somebody is us.

That get your attention? Let’s think it through some more and see what we come up with?

So the voice in my head says wait a minute: If we make a national registry, that probably leads to confiscation in places like CA and NY. So…how about a patriot clause written in the law? 

Such as..“Any attempt to confiscate or take a weapons without due process, actively or passively; allows the owner of such weapon(s) full immunity in civil and criminal proceedings connected with the defense of his or her rights”. 

Will this work? I dunno. But it’s an interesting idea when you think about it. And that is what I want you to do. Is think. Because if we don’t, your grandkids will be burying your deer rifles in the backyard as, “unlicensed sniper rifles”. 

My biggest disappointment with Trump so far, was is inability to even make a deal concerning bump stocks. Didn’t even offer to try. But here’s the harsh truth: You want to know why he didn’t? 

Nobody in the gun-community who has access to The President had it even cross their mind. The NRA just gave it away for nothing. 







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