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Two Stumps and a Rock

Two Stumps & a Rock. Broken Bush Hog
Holy smokes! That's a decent sized rock!

I’ll keep the blow by blow of this development to a minimum. Long story really, really short: It was time to cut a new area. A small hillside between 200 and 300 yards. It’s an area that doesn’t see a lot of traffic since it kind of sits in a transition zone. 

Two Stumps & a Rock. Broken Bush Hog
The scene of the crime.

But the grass was getting tall enough to block seeing the 300 yard target. 

So after patrolling the hill looking for debris, stumps, fence posts, barbed wire and possibly… Jimmy Hoffa’s body, it seemed good to go for it’s first ever cutting. 

Within the first hour, the bush hog was down for the count. Why? Two stumps and a rock. This hill was bulldozed. But it appears at the very crest, the contractor took some trees with chainsaws. Which ultimately left stumps that somehow didn’t get dozed.

The first hit was very early. Not that big of a deal. Flagged it and moved on. The second hit was a little more interesting. I got hung up going downhill. Even after coming to a sudden stop, it wasn’t immediately clear what I was even hung up on! 

Two Stumps & a Rock. Broken Bush Hog
Had to winch the bush hog up hill since it was pinned. Backing up with 4 wheeler was just getting torqued.

This also required me to get a second vehicle (General UTV) and winch the bush hog up hill off the stump. All good right? Flag the stump. Look for more. Nothing. And then proceed to start cutting again. I make it about 40 feet in a u-turn motion up hill and machine dies. 


Roll back and see this big rock. Jesus. But we’re establishing brand new cutting lanes and this will keep happening until it all gets meticulously cleared. 

Two Stumps & a Rock. Broken Bush Hog
Holy smokes! That’s a decent sized rock!

By the time you are reading this, the bush hog is repaired and back in service. 

Who’s idea was it to build a rifle range anyway? That guy needs a kick in the junk. 







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