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POTD – Doc Flies a Cirrus

Doc Flies a Cirrus
Doc Flies a Cirrus

So Doc had a good week. A friend of his owns a Cirrus SR-22. Which is a pretty high performance general aviation airplane. Everything is computerized. Avionics to rival the latest super-jets. And enough horsepower to push the occupants back in their seats during takeoff. 

You see, Doc used to fly airplanes back in the 70’s and 80’s. But got away from it because of rising costs and a lack of enthusiasm by his wife. 

Since flying the Cirrus. Just at altitude. No landing or takeoff. He’s been dreaming of renewing his ticket and maybe picking it back up? But then reality hit. This aircraft cost over $700,000. 

He said he’s rather just keep shooting guns and having fun, while leaving the flying to Delta. 

BTW..according to his flight logs, Doc’s last flight was in February of 1981. I bet many of our readers think 1981 is ancient history. And maybe it is? But some of us recall the 1980’s like they were just yesterday. 

Time sure does fly. 





“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”