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GRS Ragnarok Rides in a Hog Saddle

GRS Ragnarok Hog Saddle
GRS Ragnarok Hog Saddle

Being a Blaser guy used to mean always being behind the curve when it comes to all the cool kid gear. So much so I have a confession: Never have I ever fired a rifle from a standing tripod, or used one of these Hog Saddle type mounts. 

Now that the GRS Ragnarok chassis comes with Hog Saddle cuts, I have been very anxious to give this configuration a try.


What you see here is a Blaser R8, with heavy weight barrel, suppressor, large tactical scope and a metal bipod riding in a fully extended tripod all day. No issues. 

Try doing that with a standard Blaser stock and you’ll either have to death-crush the action or eventually watch the rifle fall out of the mount. 

Not anymore. Pretty cool. 

Special thanks goes to, “Officer Mike” for letting us borrow some of his call-out gear. Because as Blaser guys, there never was any reason to buy these kinds of stands. 

That is a about to change. 






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