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Belt Buckle Pistol

Gun is hidden in belt buckle.

I used to see references to these things as a kid. Notably in a particular comic book series called “Weird War”. Since the series was written in the 1970’s, the bad guys tended to always be Nazi or Imperial Japanese soldiers and Viet Cong.

When I discovered that such a thing as a belt buckle pistol existed, my little 10 year old mind was probably never the same. Ever since then, I have become obsessed with discreet and surreptitious weapons that may hurt me.

So I am posting these photos just to please my inner child. I have no idea if anyone else finds this item interesting or not. Back then I was under the impression it was a 4 banger. Where as this one appears to be two,

Weird War Comics. One of my childhood favorites.
Weird War Comics. One of my childhood favorites.

OH. One more thing. My second favorite comic series was The Haunted Tank.

Now you know.

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