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POTD — The Gurkha Knives

POTD — The Gurkha Knives

Thought this was an interesting photo. Like many of you, I know “some” about the Kukri knife. But I am certainly no expert. To date, I have never even owned one, but I am not known as a knife-guy either, so maybe that isn’t a surprise.

My excuse has always been, I will buy one in Nepal when I get up there. Hasn’t happened yet but fingers crossed. A past client of mine actually got trapped in Nepal during this last earthquake, but he eventually made it out. Thanks to the US Military.

A few years ago I did cross paths with a Gurkha who was pulling some duty in a Commonwealth country. We exchanged information and he promised to hook me up if I ever made it his way.

So…this photo reminds me of him. I’ll give a call this week and see where in the world he is these days?



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