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Benelli B76 – First Shots

Benelli B76 Pistol 9mm
Benelli B76 First Shots

OK. First of all let me start with the acknowledgement of a possible mistake. The records we have on file don’t show this pistol ever being fired before. But I would have sworn someone over here shot this pistol. 

So…if one of you pops up and says these aren’t the first shots, you are correct. But I can’t prove it as I am typing this. 

Now with all that out of the way, let’s get on with this. The B76 was a little finicky, but after a few rounds it seemed to settle in. I don’t recall specifically how this pistol locks, but the felt recoil felt like a straight blowback. For those who don’t know, I am describing a pistol trying to tear itself apart. 

Finally…this gun isn’t thumbs-forward friendly. The ergos are such that it induces a malfunction, and cuts your hand in the process. I also suspect the recoil spring is gassed out. It seems very weak. Will need to order a replacement as well. 






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