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POTD – Benelli B76

Benelli B76
Benelli B76

Looked at the logs and it doesn’t seem like we have shot this pistol much (or possibly at all). 

This is a Benelli B76 semi-auto pistol. It is chambered in 9mm (9×19). We always wanted one for the reference collection. This example was perfect for us since it’s more shooter grade than collector grade. 

Off the top of my head, I recall there being a little bit of disagreement on this gun. It appears to be chrome plated aftermarket. But we were told the importer did plate some in the US. 

So does that make it original or modified? 

The lack of a clear answer to that question is enough to drive the high-end collectors away. So…we snatched it up like Sir Mix-A-Lot dissing the Beans-&-Rice Crowd. 

Fiddling with the pistol I wonder if the recoil spring is weak. Anyone know what the factory weight is or where we could source a replacement? 

Final fact…we have 3 mags for the B76. One that came with the gun and two more we sourced out of Europe sometime later. More to come on the B76. 





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