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Don’t CCW a “Nice” Gun, They Said

Carrying an expensive gun
Don’t CCW a nice gun they said.

Look. I get it. I really, really do. I have access to rare and collectible firearms in our reference collection. So I understand value. But this pistol isn’t that. We are discussing your daily carry gun. Or in this case…mine. 

Here is what I discovered many, many years ago. 

If in the terrible and unfortunate circumstance that I should need a firearm in earnest, things are already not going my way. I might be locked in mortal combat against someone, or something, that is trying it’s damnedest to kill me. 

In short, I might die. 

Succeed or fail. Survive or perish. Victorious or destroyed. The result is not guaranteed for any man. But one thing I can promise you, my last earthly words won’t something like, “Fuck, I wish I had a better gun”. 

Fuck that. 






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