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Reloading Supplies Breaking Loose?

Reloading Supplies market update.
300WM brass on the shelf.

Most of you know I don’t reload but many members of the John1911 staff do. Particularly our precision rifle shooters. 

I know Doc waited almost a year for 6.5CM bullets. Well it seems like his back orders are Now arriving. Also I am seeing even more obscure brass / caliber components showing up on local shelves. 

Has the “Mostly Peaceful – COVID – Supply-Chain” disruption that hit the gun industry finally passed? Or mostly passed?

 I honestly don’t know. You tell me. 

Are any of you still having a hard time finding brass, powder, primers, bullets, ammo, or even guns? If so, leave something in the comments below. It’ll help me make some business decisions later in the year. 





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