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Beretta 92x
Beretta 92x In the box

In my travels, I recently stumbled into a Beretta 92X that was priced as such, I couldn’t get away from it. I had briefly carried a 92FS before I had to switch to a Smith way back in the day. As the years go by, I do not recall strong feelings one way or another for the 92 but they did have a decent chunk of the law enforcement market back in the late 80s and 90s. 

The 92X incorporates many upgrades from the standard M9/92 that many desire in a modern pistol. The three that stand out the most are dovetail sights, a three slot rail, and an extended mag release. Those three additions really speak for themselves so I won’t beat a dead horse on those. 

Beretta 92x
Beretta 92x after cleanup.

Maybe the most radical departure from a standard M9/92 is the interchangeable grip module. The one module has a curved traditional backstrap and is a single piece.  If you prefer the traditional 92 grip, you will like this one. The second grip is a two piece design with no grip shaped backstrap. The main frame backstrap is aggressively checkered and straight. It has a very familiar 1911 feel. Both plastic grips are also aggressively checkered. 

I gave her a good cleaning and degreasing, then lubed her up with my favorite gun lube. Ran 50 rounds of 115gr fmj reloads, 50 rounds of spicy 115gr carry loads, and then intermingled the two in two different magazines.

Beretta 92x
Beretta 92x In the box

All ran flawlessly and accuracy was on par with my numerous other 9’s. I ran it with the flat grip and it pains me to say that felt recoil was significantly less than my Smith 5906. 

I have not run it near enough to pass judgement but I will go as far as saying I think it looks promising. 





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