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Bernardelli P.One -Accuracy Run

Bernardelli P.One Accuracy
Bernardelli P.One Accuracy

Per viewer request, here is a quick accuracy demo of the Bernardelli P.One pistol. This particular example was of course made in Italy, then sold to an Israeli Police / Security Force; and finally surplussed into the United States. 

The P.One isn’t special or better than any other handgun, but in the grand scheme of our reference collection, it is uniquely Italian. And that alone makes it worth having. 

As shown, it is capable of headshots at 25 yards. And to the delight of my 1911 manual of arms bias, the P.One can be run, “cocked & locked”. 

Finally…in no way is this video scientific or even a representation of mechanical accuracy. The results, both good & bad, are almost solely the fault of goon behind the trigger. 

I hope you enjoyed it. 





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