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I Hate Home Brew Guns

Ar-15 Build
I hate home built AR-15’s.

If there is one thing I have zero interest in, it’s home brew, homemade, kitchen-table, put-together, project guns. And the reason is simple: 

They don’t work. 

Look. I get it. “Your gun works just fine”. Until it doesn’t. But if you are a performance based shooter trying to actually get better,  eventually that “build” is going to be a hinderance, instead of a help. 

Function isn’t a performance metric, it’s the barrier to entry. The cost of doing business. They keys to the club. Dudes show up with these dumpster fires and never put 2-and-2 together in regards to their personal shooting ability. 

I hate these guns. 

I hate what they stand for. 

I hate the wasted money. 

And I hate the lost time. 






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