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Beware The Gun Nerds

Beware the gun nerds

While Freeze and I were out checking deer stands this past weekend, we had the opportunity to talk about the state of the gun community in the U.S.

We address a wide range of topics, but we also keep it real. My advice has always been the same since day one: If you have specific needs and the gun nerds can help you, get your info and move on. I.e. Load data. Technical information. Perhaps looking for a hard to find part or component?

But resist the temptation to get sucked into various gun forums and outlets. If you spend more time perusing these sites than shooting, I’m willing to bet you are not a fulfilled gun owner or shooter.

Maybe my definition of a, “gun guy” is different than yours? I’ll never know. But look deep inside of yourself and ask, are you really a, “gun guy” or just a pretender who nerds out on the computer all day?


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