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Big Buck (injured) that hasn't allowed any hunting for 15 years.

Report came in from a well to-do neighborhood that this deer was laid up and injured. The caller suspected the deer, “had been shot”.

Since gun season has long since passed, everyone’s ears perked up. The size of the rack didn’t do anything to quell the interest in the subject either. After confirming some information from the complainant it was figured this deer was going to need to be put down.

A car was dispatched to the location and contact was made with property owner.

Now, it needs to be said that call originated from a…no other way to put it…somewhat wealthy area. Not rural by any means, but well to do. Politically connected. And…on balance…not hunter friendly. So unfriendly that hunting was outlawed in the city limits a good number of years ago. How that came to be involved archery season, a deer that ran, and little-Johnny getting the REDRUM show of a lifetime while waiting for his morning school bus. It was awesome. But I digress…

After explaining to the complainant, again, that the officer wasn’t going to pick Bambi up and transport him to the local vet, the somber procession worked it’s way up to the buck. It was obvious that the animal had been injured, infection had set-in, and was very weak.

In the 2 seconds it took the officer to make this analysis, the deer got up and trotted away into the woods. The home owner was somewhat relived. She didn’t have to deal with a dead deer in her yard, and she didn’t have to face the realities of euthanizing suffering animals.

On balance it is unfortunate because without a doubt he died a horrible death. Either suffering for hours or days, or being eaten alive by coyotes. But nature is a funny thing. While the buck did allow the complainant to get within 10 feet of him (the photo that was sent to the PD) he sensed things weren’t going his way with the authorities showed up.

We were never able to officially determine the true nature of the animal’s wounds. Most likely hurt by a moving vehicle. But we will never know.

I figured many of our hunting friends would really appreciate the photo. The rumors about big bucks in urban environs is true. Especially if they have no natural predators and consistent food sources. If urban deer is something you wish to pursue, my advice would be forget the gun and pickup archery. The hippies seem to be more open to bows.


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