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Horizontal Display Secureit Gun Storage
Blaser R8 Barrels. Horizontal Display Secureit Gun Storage System.

As promised in the end of year review, we will be publishing more precision rifle content from our range. And along with that comes some backend and administrative stuff.

The armory still isn’t completely organized from the move. But the commitment to be using more of the precision rifle stuff kinda demands that we focus on organizing that equipment. 

Horizontal Display Secureit Gun Storage
It works. But I don’t think it’s efficient.

A small but bothersome question is how to be store Blaser barrels in an efficient manner? Ideally we would like a high-density solution. But the new rack system never really took “blank barrels” into consideration. 

The best solution we have found so far is to use horizontal display hooks. It works. They are strong. The contact surfaces don’t mar the barrels. But in my personal opinion, I think it’s wasteful of rack space. 

Blaser Barrels
It shows the caliber marking well. And doesn’t mar the finishes.

Don’t get me wrong. We have plenty of rack space. At least right now. And when things start to get tight, I still don’t see how we can fold these into a more efficient configuration. 

I know. Weird. Not something the reader really cares about. But managing the reference collection is always a big priority around here. 

Do you have any ideas? Or know of a solution that would work with this louver system? We would love, love, love to hear from you. 






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