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Lost Gun In The Woods

Metal detector gun
Testing metal detector to conform it works.

So…I have a story. It’s a first for me which is saying something. 

On or about November 10th, I was cutting some trees to reopen trails to the left of the 600 yard impact zone. This section of woods has been effectively closed since early spring of 2020.

Metal detector gun
Where it was found.

As to why? The long and short of it is dead ash trees. We’ve got a lot of dead ash on the range due to the Asian Ash Borer Beatle. Some storms blew through and knocked down a whole mess of them across some significant trails in that area. 

Most every trail is blocked with criss-crossed downed trees. And in some areas we have large, deadwood, suspended above said downed trees. It’s a mess. Getting vehicles back there is very tough, and cutting downed trees is very dangerous because of  what is hanging above.

Metal detector gun
Because no good deed goes unpunished, the gun was also pointing at me. (sigh)

With Doc and Officer Mike expecting to hunt, I wanted to get these trailed cleared. Both for access should something run back that way. And for safety, should they decide to hunt this section of woods. 

Being by myself, I spent most of the time cutting in a 50 yard section on a main trail. Pulling stuff down. Cutting stuff up. Lifting logs and tossing them off the trail. 

When I am done, I happen to look down as see an empty AIWB holster in my belt. Shit. No…actually HOLY SHIT! Spend some time walking the section looking for my pistol. Looking under stuff. Behind stuff. Don’t see it. Now it’s SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! What if the gun is actually under a big log?

Metal detector gun
EDC X9L recovered.

Head back up front to the storage container. Pull a backup pistol out of the truck (Wilson eXperior). And get Freeze’s metal detector out of storage. 

Once I get back to the site, it takes me less than 5 minutes to find the gun (Wilson EDC X9L). It’s located on the edge of the trail near some major log work. Under grass I had already checked. 

Metal detector gun
Don’t they say two is one, and one is none? Well…on this day it was for about 20 minutes.

Lessons learned: 

  1. When lifting heavy logs, check the AIWB rigs often. 
  2. Backup guns that use same holster and ammo are a must.
  3. Metal detectors are like IFAK’s: When you need one, you really need one! 
  4. My old nighttime work gun had ivory grips on it. Something like that could have come in very handy this day. Changes will be made. 

So there it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. 






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