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Boyds’ Savage A17 Hardwood Replacement Stocks

Boyds Thumbhole Hardwood Stock

I’m a big fan of Boyds gunstocks because they’re made well, are reasonably priced and usually drop right in. I’m also a recent fan of Savage’s Model A17 .17 HMR semi-auto rimfire. “Our friends at Savage hit a homerun with the A17,” said Dustin Knutson, General Manager at Boyds.

My only complaint about the A17 is it’s stock, and I’m apparently not alone considering that Boyds is offering replacement laminated stocks for this all-new model rifle. Boyds utilizes a Product Request Form on its website as a guide for constantly adding new products to its product line and there was enough demand for the new A17 stock to put many variations into production.

Configurations include Boyds’ Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage, Platinum, Prairie Hunter, Pro Varmint and Varmint Thumbhole designs. Laminate wood color options including Sage, Prairie Wind, Ripple Timber, Ripple Forest Camo, Ripple Blaze, Ripple Royal Jacaranda, Ripple Sky and Ripple Zombie. Boyds has recently released several new laser panel options also, including scale and basket weave textures.


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