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Brooklyn NY Wife Arrested Because of Deceased Husband’s Gun Collection

Confiscated Gun Collection NYC

Looking at the pictures of the guns recovered, it would be fair to say that NYPD would not be thrilled in the slightest to know me, my friends, associates, customers, neighbors or fellow US Citizens.

What am I getting at? NY State and NYC is not America anymore. It’s Western Europe. And only in places like Western Europe could you imagine a case where a widow is arrested because of her late husband’s gun collection.

Confiscated Gun Collection in NYC
Confiscated Gun Collection in NYC

Now some of the media is reporting sensationalized facts to try and gin-up anti-gun sentiment. They are saying the NYPD investigators are looking into the “possibility” the late husband pretended to be a cop — Bullcrap. The media is alluding to the fact a “grenade launcher” was also recovered — it’s a tube with no grenades BTW. It is being reported that the widow was trying to “sell the weapons” and she didn’t try to obtain her own permit or…turn them in. And the police were alerted by an “anonymous tip”.


If you are reading this and you live in New York, I mean this in the nicest possible way so don’t take any offense: fu@k you. If you don’t like me saying that, then do something about it. Because you’re a fu@king asshole. And your state is nothing but a bunch of fu@king assholes. And anyone who tolerates this crap are UnAmerican assholes!

Confiscated Gun Collection NYC
Confiscated Gun Collection NYC

Why? Because every day in Free America, people pass away and estates have auctions or spouses liquidate their husband’s gun collection. But every media outlet in the North East is reporting this event with nefarious implications as if she’s a gun runner outside Benghazi.

And I’m not going to tolerate it. Think of John1911 as Radio Free New York. And you assholes up there are brain washed with the state run media telling crap that isn’t true. So good luck, NY. Have fun hiding in dark corners, listening to illegal short-wave radios while trying to avoid detection by the Stasi.

It’s only a matter of time before the next “anonymous tip” is about you.


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