Bundy Buddy Steals M2 Browning Machine-gun

Ok, so let’s be very clear here. A Bundy-in-Oregon sympathizer decides to take it upon himself to steal a M2 Browning Machine gun from a Class III dealer, obliterate the serial numbers off of it, and…do what exactly? Give it to the Bundy’s? Use it against whom exactly?

The dickhead himself: Michael Emry Accused of Stealing M2 Browning

The dickhead himself: Michael Emry Accused of Stealing M2 Browning

Look, I get it. Many of us learned some valuable lessons about how out of control the federal government has become with it bureaucratic interpretation and enforcement of laws. The Bundy ranch situation got completely out of hand and I personally blame the Bureau of Land Management for it. Again, I blamed the feds. The stories coming out of Nevada about the BLM were ridiculous.

The Bundy’s had the general support of the populace and rightfully so.

But when “some Bundy’s” took it upon themselves to cross state lines, enter into a community they have no connection to, and squat on an abandoned federal park site? They lost me. And frankly, they lost many of you.

Example of Stolen M2 Browning.

Example of Stolen M2 Browning.

Now that we have found out that someone, who at best wanted to be associated with the Bundy’s, decided to break multiple 1934 NFA laws and steal a legal M2 Browning Machine Gun? Well, let’s just call that validation of our reservations. Nobody wants any part of that bullshit.

You see, the Bundy’s had delusions of grandeur. They honestly thought that law abiding citizens would rise up in support of their hair-brained attempt to squat on federal property. Out of state. Where they don’t live. Or work. Or have any connection to what so ever.

The actual Stolen M2 in FBI Custody.

The actual Stolen M2 in FBI Custody. Will probably cost the Class III Dealer his gun, and maybe his license.

And frankly, the people of Oregon looked at them like invaders. Now, it appears some of those invaders may have been armed with a stolen heavy machine-gun.

You are not helping, assholes! Those of us who believe the Federal Government is too big, too powerful, too oblique will have to hear about this stupid [email protected] and his stolen HEAVY MACHINE GUN for the rest of our lives!

What a selfish asshole.

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