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Buying a Remington 552 Speedmaster

Remington 552 Semi-auto 22
Remington 552 Semi-auto 22

Sorry for the delays in getting content out. The reasons will become apparent soon. But in the mean time, I wanted to make this quick video discussing current firearms economics. 

As we are all well aware, there has been some economic upheaval since early last year going into this one. And the typical consumer can only sustain so much pain before he feels compelled to start making cuts elsewhere.  

Looking at what is happening locally in just the last few weeks, I am seeing more and more secondary market firearms hitting the shelves. But what’s different is the MO of these sellers. Gone are the active collectors who are always getting in and out of firearms to chase the next shiny object; now being replaced by the consumer grade buyer who is liquidating assets simply because he needs cash to survive. 

This kind of seller has a typical pattern of behavior that is easily observed. He doesn’t WANT to liquidate his collection. Instead, he takes in the breadth of inventory and selects quality items he recognizes are longer getting used. Or are not primary firearms. 

But it doesn’t stop there: This type of seller will typically not have a good idea of mark-to-market since he wasn’t planning on EVER selling. And since he’s not an avid shooter, his items tend to be in VERY good condition. 

After a few items transact and values are realized [by his spouse], this seller returns just about every week dropping off a slightly bigger ticket item. He never buys. And he hardly ever even looks around the store. 

This seller walks in. Drops off. And leaves quietly every week with an ever bigger check. And the reason is because he’s hurting bad financially. And it’s only getting worse for him.

The great sell-off isn’t just coming. It has started. Over the next 24 months, any gun buyers sitting on cash will have an opportunity on some very, very interesting deals. 







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