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Holes in Holes – Chapter 2

Holes in Holes Drill - Chapter 2
Holes in Holes Chapter 2

We had someone reach out wanting some 1911 drills that they could shoot at indoor ranges. So first up, let’s revisit the Holes-in Holes drill. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of it, just know you are not shooting groups. 

The goal is to put 4 followup shots into the same hole the first bullet fired made. For a total of 5. 

Expectations, most users will start this at 1 yard. Yes, 3 feet. Once you can master a 5-in-1 hole consistently, back up to 4 feet. 

Rinse and repeat until you hit that wall and it all falls apart. Then get busy practicing at that range over and over and over. 







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