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Mossberg 590 Shotgun Streamlight Forend.
Mossberg 590 Shotgun Streamlight Forend.

Just a warning, I am going to be in semi rant mode.  I love pump guns for defensive shotguns and consider the 590 one of the best.  This one is set up almost perfect for my needs and wants. Nine shot, Speed Feed stock, ghost ring sights, side saddle, and what I thought was the perfect weapons mounted light for a shotgun. 

Way back in the day, I ran a Remington 870 police with a Streamlight forearm with an integrated light.  It was a simple bar type switch and was pretty user friendly size wise.  It was not horribly bright, think original AA mini Maglite bright, but it was cutting edge in 1988.  The trend over the last several years has been who can make the brightest torch your retinas light on the market.  That will be a bitch session for another day. 

When I looked at this particular gun in a picture, read the specs on the light, I couldn’t make the deal fast enough.  A 590 with all the bolt ons I wanted AND a reasonably brighter light.  After putting it through some shakedowns, one thing became glaringly clear.  The forearm is HUGE.  I have very large hand and even for me, it could be hard to run the gun at speed due to grip issues.  The notch in the forearm is supposed to allow you a more positive grip, but the plastic is so smooth it is still hard to control with heavy loads.  Mossberg did have a forearm with a velcro adjustable strap.  I think this should have been a no brainer from Streamlight.  As of now, I am considering either Talon tape or possibly some stippling and or reductions to the forearm.  Bottom line for me is great light, horrible execution.  





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