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BETO O'Rourke Gun Ban
BETO O'Rourke Gun Ban

It’s kinda weird. When it seemed like Hillary was going to win, we had a run on everything AR. The democratic party has gone full-tilt gun confiscation and it’s business as usual.

OK. Even if you think Trump win’s in 2020? What about his mid-terms? What about 2024?

DO NOT make the mistake many of us made in 1994. We thought it would never happen and many of us were caught flat-footed! Yours truly included! Once the AWB hit the sun-set, I swore I would never, ever find myself in that position again. $100 GI mags and crippled Glock mags.

They say there are 400 million guns in the US. Ok. Great. There should be 4 billion magazines in private hands. 10 for each gun. At a minimum. And if you have “one gun” and shoot it regularly? Will 10 mags last you the next 30-60 years?

Ya’ll better get on the ball and buy mags. We have made it a policy to purchase mags in tranche’s of 10. Especially if they are on sale. You should to. Not to speculate. But to preserve your freedoms. Do NOT do to yourself what happened to us in  1994.

The DEMs ARE coming for your guns.




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