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Real Life CCW Guns. HK Vp9. Hybrid Holster
Real Life CCW Guns. HK Vp9. Hybrid Holster

Occasionally when I surf the inter-webs I see photos “supposedly” showing folks’ daily CCW guns. Not sure how they manage to carry their guns and keep ‘em so pretty? I imagine most are in denial as to what “daily” actually, really means. 

I know it’s a dead horse I am beating, but hear me out. Look at the news! See what’s going on? Carry your guns. Everywhere you can get away with it. I don’t encourage this to invoke some hero fantasy about saving the day. How about just saving yourself? Carry your damn gun! Because when the plane looses cabin pressure, you can’t save anyone else without first putting on your oxygen mask! 

Ok. I’ve beat it enough. 

Attached are two sets of photos. One of my gun that is carried daily in a Keeper’s AIWB holster. The Other is Freeze’s 3-4 o’clock hybrid holster. While I have serious issues with hybrid’s since they can lock up the gun, that’s not really the point of this post. 

These were taken after a work day in the pistol pit. Dragging railroad ties and shoveling gravel to build a retaining wall. The temp’s were in the high 80’s only broken up by the heavy, pop-up thunderstorms. 

The point being when you are daily CCW’ing, you don’t get to choose the environment. The environment chooses you. Find a gun you like to carry, or can tolerate carrying and…carry…it. Freeze and I didn’t shoot a lick that day. We swung pick-axes and shoveled gravel.  






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