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China’s Expanding Empire

Overview of China's military and basing rights around Indian Ocean.

While the media screams about Russia, exaggerating its ability to be a threat to anyone with its shrinking population of 140 million and an economy now smaller than Italy’s and in more trouble, China is in expansion mode, fueled by 1.3 Billion people, an excess of young males to man an army (due to the one child policy now terminated), and stolen technology.

China is systematically taking control of many crucial and strategic sea lanes worldwide and pursuing a policy of “helping” less developed nations but designed to create permanent Chinese control of their economies and affairs by encouraging massive debts leading to control.

Targets for China — the sea lanes in the Western Pacific, building islands on coral reefs. (With no interest in the ecological issues) without regard to the territorial waters of less powerful countries, and militarizing them fast. China will be in position to blackmail Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia and SE Asia. China built a port in Sri Lanka creating such debt in Columbo that the Chinese State has taken over the port facilities itself, allowing China to control east-west shipping in the straights between India and Sri Lanka as well as trade along the East African Coast. China has just built a military camp and port in Djibouti with the ability to block shipping – including oil supplies, through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, and into the Mediterranean.

And now, while Russia is trying to get out of Syria’s mess, the Chinese are offering Assad anything he needs (for a price) to rebuild Syria while cultivating Pakistan, Iran, and Erdoğan’s Turkey. Watch, in a couple years China will control a port on the Mediterranean coast.

Chinese SF unit operates in Syra.

And then there is Africa, where Chinese workers and technicians are all over the place, replicating what they did in Sri Lanka. South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, will all be effective Chinese colonies, under China’s influence, with all their resources within 10 years.

Woody Island Chinese Military Base

So just keep thinking that Europe is the center of the world, and Russia is the devil, and you’ll miss what is really happening worldwide. — about China.

Consider what this will mean — to India, Japan, the USA, to Europe, and to Russia and to radicals that will be useful to China to get rid of objections to its expansion. Watch, It starts quietly. And then when people cannot resist anymore……..




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