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The Keeper Wedge Replacement

The Keeper Holster with new Wedge Installed.

One thing that came up recently in regards to AIWB carry was the concept that some holster designs are consumable. At least parts of them are. Instead of trying to explain this concept, it’s just easier to show it in pictures. 

Old worn out wedge next to new one ready to install.

The triangular “wedge” you see works as a lever against your holster. The belt is the pivot point. And the result is a pistol butt, that is pressed in tight against the body. 

All well and good, right?

Well…that wedge is a natural “hot spot” for AIWB holsters. Which is why The Keeper wedge is designed using a soft, foam media. Which works VERY, VERY well for comfort. I have heard multiple people state this type of design is the single most comfortable AIWB they have ever experienced. And I agree. The Keeper is that good. 

But there is a downside. 

The Keeper Appendix Carry.

That soft material can go flat relatively quickly. I’d say 2-3 times a year for serious CCW folks. Personally I am at 3…almost 4 times a year. But I am carrying minimum 12 hours a day. Same gun. Same holster. 7 days a week. (Actually as I write this, I am in bed with said holster and pistol on my nightstand) Luckily, Keeper’s Concealment sells them as replacement components. So no big deal so far. I don’t worry too much about Keeper’s Concealment shutting it’s doors, but it is a concern one doesn’t have with say a custom leather rig. 

The Keeper Holster with new Wedge Installed.

I have heard of some folks going out and buying gel-inserts for shoes and making them work as wedges. I have no experience with that technique since we are sitting on a nice pile of Keeper-Wedges in The Armory. But once I run out? Who knows?






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