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Cleaning Station Setup

Lyman Power Pro Sonic Tank Cleaner.
Lyman Power Pro Sonic Tank Cleaner.

Have hinted around about this for a little bit, but now is finally starting to come together. The cleaning station. 

One thing that was unexpected is the drain valve. Specifically which side of the tank it is located on. In all the literature, the valve is on the right side. But as you can kind of see, the value on our unit is on the left. 

Since we spec’d the space down to the inch, we really couldn’t move the station to accommodate this difference. The solution is to run a longer drain house to the sink. Which is tucked behind the machine. 

This sonic cleaner is large enough to take a complete AR upper, multiple suppressors, pistols  or disassembled Blaser rifle barrels. 

More to come.






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