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eXperior 1911 Dominates 10-8 Test

10-8 eXperior 1911 Function Test. Hilton Yam Test, Wilson Combat eXperior Review.
10-8 eXperior 1911 Function Test. Hilton Yam Test, Wilson Combat eXperior Review.

The Wilson Combat eXperior 1911 has passed the 10-8 Function Test. 

What makes this more impressive, is the gun is a single stack, chambered in 9mm, with a GI style, internal extractor. 

Between you, me and the wall; I thought no way this gun gets through the test without at least some kind of bobble. But gosh-darn it did! 

And the icing on top? We shot the test at the gun’s magazine capacity: 10 round iterations. And…the entire test was run with mixed case, 9mm remanufactured ammunition. (2020 Covid ammo shortage is the reason, for those who will look at this video years from now). 

So with mixmaster, crappy ammo and way more rounds fired than a standard 45 caliber 10-8 test; the Wilson Combat eXperior 1911 not only passed the 10-8, it did so with elan! 

We have this gun in on T&E directly from Wilson. And being a traditional 1911, I just “knew” there were going to be issues with the 9mm chambering. It’s not the gun I desired. But not wanting to appear impolite, I accepted their offer to test the eXperior instead. 

In summation, we are on the down-slope of 2020. An already unprecedented year in innumerable ways. And as I cast my eyes on a single-stack, traditional 1911, chambered in 9mm no less; I have to ask myself,  “Could I carry the eXperior 1911 for real?”. 

The notion of even considering doing so during the current national climate is a tip-of-the-hat to Wilson and confirmation that 2020 is, “anno incredibili”. 






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