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Commentary About our Fancy Targets

SF Sniper with AR and high dollar accessories.

Received an e-mail today from a reader. But instead of asking a question, it seemed like he was more into making a statement. And when reduced to it most basic form he roughly said, “One day when I have the money, I’ll buy some targets so I can shoot more”.

Sorry, Bud. When he reads this post he will know I am talking about him. But it should be fine since our conversation was overall very positive. I won’t ID him publicly. So here goes.

The internet sucks. I really does. But it also is a great sanitizer since it reveals us for the bullshit stories we tell ourselves. Let me explain…

Our friend basically sees only what HE wants to see. His preconceived notions about needing X,Y,Z or 1,2,3 are just excuses to NOT do something. Think I am being too hard on him? Think “you” are smarter than, “those guys” I reference? You know enough to hang with the cool kids? “We” aren’t, “noobs” like, “that guy”.

I can’t really speak to the average reader since I can’t get into your head. But I am brave enough to admit that even I need to check my own shit every once in a while.

Running what the cool kids run. It’s seductive. It’s cool. It’s fun to build. Buy. Collect. Replicate.


But don’t get it twisted. In every photograph I posted above. Did you even see the standard playing cards that are being used as targets by, “The School House” at the 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge? Does it get any more credible than that?

“If it’s good enough for the Marine Corps, it’s good enough for me”.
“If it’s good enough for Chris Kyle, it’s good enough for me”.
“If it’s good enough for SEAL TEAM 6, it’s good enough for me”.
“If it’s good enough for operators, it’s good enough for me”.

Ok. Fine. Check your bullshit and buy a fucking deck of playing cards for $0.99.



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