Cutting RDS off of Truck Gun

A few weeks ago I posted a quick video (CLICK LINK HERE) demonstrating that a dead parallax free scope tube can be used as a hasty ghost-ring sight. Or put another way, if your red-dot dies; the bullets will still go the center of the lens. Electronic dot or not.

The rings are a two piece clamshell with screws on top and bottom.

No, this isn’t ideal and not a substitute for having BUIS. It’s hasty sight.

So why did I make the video? Obviously because the super cheap red-dot we had laying around the armory finally gave up the ghost on the truck gun. Again. Not ideal. We expected it to die someday. As 15 year old cheap, gun-show specials tend to do.

Well…when I went to unscrew one of the mounting rings, the head stripped. See cheap gun-show comment above. So…I had to drill out the screw.

Scope rings in pieces. Technology has changed quite a bit in 15 years.

I was hoping the screw shaft would break during the drilling. Otherwise, I would need to Dremel the ring itself in half. Luckily it gave away and the 1913 rail is none the worse for wear.

Sometime this year I will pick up one of the affordable, but higher quality, RDS’s that are all over the marketplace.




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